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Internal walls & Ceilings: Problem Cracks: (Small to medium) Non structural

Plastered finish
Cracks in the plaster will cause the paint finish to breakdown.

To repair:      
      Materials required
·         Method 1                   PVA & Filler (eg Tetrion or Polycel)     120g finishing paper
·         Advantage:                  Longer pot life – hence longer working time

·         Method 2                    Two pack filler (eg Ronseal or Cuprinol). Advantage: Quick drying
·         Disadvantage:             Shorter pot life – shorter working time – more expensive

·         Tools Required
·         Sponge/ bucket / water / 2.5`` fill knife / dusting brush / small paint  brush / flat   screwdriver!!

Make work area safe                              Wear Protective eye glasses or goggles                 Dust mask

Method 1                                     PVA Mixed with Tetrion Powder filler

·         Rake out crack. Use edge of scraper or even a flat ended screw driver

·         Remove debris. Flatten the edge of crack with scraper and/or abrasive paper so that the edge is at the same level as the existing substrate. (Wall or Ceiling).
·         Dust out crack:
·         Mix PVA with water (50 – 50) in jug or similar. 

·         Place powder filler in a dry plastic mixing bowl.

·         Slowly add the pva/water mix to a thick creamy consistency: (Mixing with a Flexible filling knife.
·         With a small brush, apply some of the remaining pva mix into the crack:

·         This is to seal any dust in: However, you must wipe away any surplus pva from the surrounding area – eg ONLY apply the pva liquid inside the crack.

·         Apply FIRST filling: (Bonding)

·         Apply the filling into the crack with a 2.5`` filling knife – along the crack: Then, run the knife back along the crack to remove surplus filler. *Repeat if required!

·         Then, with a clean damp sponge remove all trace of filler from the surrounding area of the crack while still wet.  If you allow the surplus filler to dry, it will be extremely difficult to rub down or remove. *The purpose at this stage is to fill the crack only*

·         Allow the filler to dry overnight. **The filler will sink. ***This ok

·         Apply SECOND Filling (Decorative)
·         For this filling DO NOT USE PVA

·         Mix powder filler and water to a creamy consistency. Apply as before – into crack then, run knife back to remove surplus.
·         You can leave slightly proud. Allow to dry.

·         When dry, rub down with 120g or 100g finishing paper to a smooth edge and dust off.

·         Repeat with all similar cracks.
Method 2 Two pack filler.

               As above: However, this will be harder to work with.
               Remember, the more you `overfill` the more you have to remove.

  All materials are available from C Brewers & Son Decorators Merchants

Decorate as required

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